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May 2, 2021 Al Fresco Concert

Artists of Regina Opera Company

Sarah Moulton Faux - soprano
Lara Tillotson - mezzo-soprano
Heejae Kim - tenor
Jonathan R. Green - baritone
John Dominick III - basso
Richard Paratley - flutist;
Julian Villanueva Raheb - piano soloist
Jiin Jung and Dmitry Glivinskiy - piano accompanists

Part 2

Mon coeur s’ouvre a ta voix - Samson et Dalilah - Saint-Saëns - Lara Tillotson

 Abendlich strahlt der Somme Auge - Das Reingold - Wagner - John Dominick III

 Intermezzo - Cavalleria Rusticana - Mascagni - Richard Paratley

 Villanelle - Eva dell’Acqua - Sarah Moulton Faux

 Una furtiva lagrima - L’Elisir d’amore - Donizetti - Heejae Kim

Eri tu - Un ballo in maschera - Verdi - Jonathan R. Green

 Sempre libera - La Traviata - Verdi - Sarah Moulton Faux

 Una voce poco fa - The Barber of Seville - Rossini - Lara Tillotson

 Madamina - Don Giovanni - Mozart - John Dominick III

Mon coeur s’ouvre a ta voix
My heart opens to your voice like the flowers open to dawn’s kisses.  Beloved, let your voice speak again! To better dry my tears, tell me that you are returning to Delilah forever! Repeat  the promises of old times that I loved! Ah! respond to my tenderness! Fill me with ecstasy! Like one sees the blades of wheat that wave in the light wind.  My heart trembles, ready to be consoled by your dear voice!  The arrow is less rapid in bringing death, than your lover to fly into your arms!  Ah! respond to my tenderness! Fill me with ecstasy!

Abendlich strahlt der Somme Auge
Following lightning and thunder that dispels the thick mists on a mountain, the heavens clear and a rainbow bridge forms which leads to a fortress. Wotan, the king of the Gods, tells his wife that their new abode is called Valhalla. He then leads a procession of the Gods  - minus Loge - to the castle.

I have seen the swallow in the morning sky, flying to the land of sun and jasmine. I have followed the traveler’s flight with my eyes. Since then, my soul dreams of accompanying her through the skies to the same mysterious land.

Una furtiva lagrima
Nemorino recalls the tear on Adina’s cheek and is convinced that she loves him. “A single secret tear sprang from her eye, as if she envied all the youths that laughingly passed her by.  What more searching need I do? She loves me! I could feel the beating of her heart!  As if my sighs were hers, and hers were mine! Heavens! I could ask for nothing more. I could die of love!”

Eri tu
It was you who stained this soul. Renato realizes that Amelia should not be the one to pay for cheating on him, but rather his treacherous best friend Riccardo. He decries his torment over his lost paradise.

Sempre libera
After a party at which she has met Alfredo, a young admirer, Violetta is now alone. She wonders if Alfredo could be the true love of whom she has dreamed. Then, shaking off her fancy and resigned to loneliness, she pledges herself to the pursuit of
freedom andpleasure.

Una voce poco fa
Rosina recalls the voice of her lover, Lindoro.  She is determined to win him, despite the machinations of her jealous guardian.  Although she appears to be docile and obedient, she is capable of setting and springing her own traps.  I will win. I am docile, I'm respectful, I'm obedient, gentle, loving; I let myself be ruled and guided. If they touch me on my weak spot, I'll be a viper. I'll play a hundred tricks before I yield.”

The famous “Catalog Aria” in which Leporello, Don Giovanni’s servant, lists all of his master’s “conquests" in various countries, including 1,003 in Spain.