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2020 Winter Concert Excerpts

February 2, 2020

Artists of Regina Opera accompanied by
Peiwen Chen, pianist, and Richard Paratley, flutist

Francine Garber-Cohen, Concert Producer

Libiamo - La Traviata - Verdi
Elena Jannicelli-Sandella - soprano and Hyunho Cho – tenor

Let us drink a toast to wine. You will find happiness and love in wine. It mellows the heart to surrender. Let us live for pleasure alone, since love, like flowers, swiftly fades.

Il vecchiotto cerca moglie - The Barber of Seville - Rossini
Elizabeth Moulton - mezzo-soprano

After much commotion in the house with Rosina, the Count, and Figaro trying to fool Bartolo out of his impending marriage with Rosina, Bartolo’s weary servant Berta wonders why people in love act so crazy. At the same time, she wishes she weren’t so old so she could find out for herself.

O! Du mein holder abendstern - Tannhäuser - Wagner
Jaeman Yoon – baritone

Like a portent of death, twilight shrouds the earth and envelops the valley in its sable robe; the soul, that yearns for those heights, dreads to take its dark and awful flight. There you shine, O fairest star, and shed your gentle light from afar; your friendly beam penetrates the gloom and points the way out from the valley. O my fair evening star, I always gladly greeted thee: from a heart that never betrayed its faith, greet her when she passes, when she soars above this earthly valley to become a blessed angel in Heaven!

Una voce poco fa - The Barber of Seville - Rossini
Maayan Voss de Bettancourt - mezzo-soprano

A voice from a short while ago echoes here in my heart; already my heart has been pierced, and Lindoro inflicted the wound. Yes, Lindoro shall be mine! My guardian will refuse me; I’ll sharpen all my wits. In the end, he’ll be silenced, and I’ll rest content... Yes, Lindoro shall be mine; I will win! I’m docile, respectful, obedient, gentle, loving; I let myself be ruled and guided. But if they touch me on my weak spot, I’ll be a viper. I’ll play a hundred tricks before I yield.

Don Juan’s Serenade - Six Romances, Op. 38 - Tchaikovsky/Tolstoy
Jaeman Yoon – baritone

Don Juan calls to Nisetta to come out on her balcony as he serenades her with his guitar. He calls her incomparable, and the loveliest of all ladies. He describes men fighting to the death for the love of their ladies, and he would fight for her.

World Premiere: Almighty Blizzard - Quartet for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, and Cello - Julian Raheb
Mikhail Parkhomovsky - violin, Martha Siegel - cello,
Richard Paratley - flute, Laurence Beckhardt - clarinet

Gigue from the English Suite, No. 5 - Bach
“Pathetique” Sonata, op. 13, Rondo: Allegro - Beethoven

Julian Raheb – pianist

Seguidilla - Carmen - Bizet
Maayan Voss de Bettancourt - mezzo-soprano

Army officer Don José has arrested Carmen for fighting. She flirts with him, hoping he will free her. She sings of a tavern outside of Seville, run by Lillias Pastia, where she goes to dance and sing. She’ll meet her lover there, one of the many who admire her. And she invites Don José to join her there.

O soave fanciulla - La Bohème - Puccini
Elena Jannicelli-Sandella - soprano and Hyunho Cho - tenor

In a Parisian garret, Rodolfo has told his new-found love, Mimi, of his hopes and dreams, and she has told him of her life as a seamstress. Although his friends are calling for him, Rodolfo, enraptured, kisses her. The young couple go off arm in arm singing of love.

Bakyeon (Waterfall) - Korean Traditional
Hyunho Cho – tenor

Running water of the Bakyeon Falls, swirling around the Beomsa pavilion. Oh! Damn! It’s good and good. Uh oh, my love! You become attached wherever you go. It’s so sad that you leave quickly. Oh! Damn! It’s good and good. Uh oh, my love!

Non ti scordar di me - de Curtis
Elena Jannicelli-Sandella – soprano

The swallows left my cold and sunless country, searching for Springs of violets, nests of love and happiness. My little swallow left without leaving me a kiss - without a farewell, she left. Don’t forget me! My life is tied to you. I love you ever more - you stay in my dreams. There’s always a nest in my heart for you. Don’t forget me!

Entr’acte - Carmen - Bizet
Richard Paratley – flutist and Laurence Beckhardt – clarinet

Gypsy Song - Carmen - Bizet
Maayan Voss de Bettancourt, Elena Jannicelli-Sandella, and Elizabeth Moulton

Carmen and her gypsy companions sing of the increasingly wild strains of a gypsy dance, imagining the strumming guitars, jangling percussion, and swirling skirts.